Hello, I am Fellusch.

A freelancing Photographer from Duisburg, Germany. My real name is Felix, but a polish friend of mine thought it might be a cute idea to call me »Fellucz«, but my german Friends liked it easy. So i became Fellusch.

Since my childhood i was a passionated Two Wheel Lover. Learned riding bicycle on a BMX, ended up riding fast bikes. Preferably fast bikes with Dropbars.

My second Passion is, was and will be the Photography. I would describe my Style emotional and detailed.

* Did you know i was racing Criteriums, too? Nah? Now you know! ;-)

Selected Work for

Australian Financial Review Magazine, Biehler Sportswear, Biehler Pro Cycling, Bookman Urban Visibility, Dauner Akkon Pro Cycling Team, Futurum.cc, Ineos, Katusha Sports, Leopard Pro Cycling, Paria, Rad Race, Rose Bikes, Rally UHC, Scope Cycling, Sportful, Squid Bikes, Standert Bicycles, Team Bike Aid, Team Katusha Alpecin, Vittoria Tyres, Zeal Cycling etc.

Do you like PDFs?

I do. Becasue they can sum up my work of the Past really good.

This was 2018: fellusch_crazy_year_2018.pdf
Rapha Custom x Colonia Kids: rapha-custom-x-team-colonia-kids.pdf

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